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Know Your Compliance Obligations

Understanding healthcare reform and compliance is not an easy task. That’s why Compliancedashboard®’s industry experts stay on top of today’s trends, issues and regulations. We aim to help you know your compliance obligations and minimize your risk.

downloadACA Overview

This overview includes compliance updates (2014 and beyond) as well as forecast items that are pending further guidance. Includes requirements, effective dates, and recommendations for both fully insured and self-insured plans
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downloadFines & Penalties

This flyer shares examples of the fines and penalties employers—as plan administrators—may be subject to if its benefit plans are not compliant.
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downloadForms 1094/1095 Reporting

This resource is a detailed guide for filing the ACA-mandated Forms 1094 & 1095. Find information about fully-insured and self-insured plans for both ALE and non-ALE employers, plus additional information about transition relief for ALEs.
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downloadWellness Program Compliance Whitepaper

If your organization has a wellness program, it’s subject to compliance regulations. Whether you’re a compliance novice or slightly more advanced, this resource will get you on the road to wellness compliance success.
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downloadSummary of Notices & Disclosures

This document gives you an at-a-glance view of the various disclosures and notices required under federal law for group health plans.
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downloadWhat You Need to Know about PHI

Learn what PHI means, what qualifies as PHI, and how to properly de-identify PHI with this helpful guide.
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downloadWhat to Expect from a DOL Audit

This detailed guide includes information about the audit process as well as a checklist for preparation including areas of focus, documentation, potential issues, and more.

downloadTop 10 Action Items for 401(k) Plans

This checklist includes 10 items to help employers establish their compliance controls. These internal controls are critical in the event of an audit.

downloadIdentifying an ERISA Employee Welfare Benefit Plan

Although most employers know that their 401(k) and group health plans are covered under ERISA, some might be surprised to learn that many of the other group benefits they sponsor are also considered ERISA plans. This useful guide will help determine whether a benefit is an ERISA plan.

downloadElectronic Delivery Rules, Safe Harbor Regulation

This document describes when and how electronic delivery can be used to fulfill a plan administrator’s disclosure obligations, per the Department of Labor (DOL).

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