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Do your clients know where they stand when it comes to the federal compliance regulations associated with their health plans? Before they begin to dedicate time and resources to their compliance efforts, it’s important to determine the issues that may put their organization at higher risk for a lawsuit or audit.

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How it works


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Compliancedashboard® Risk IQ is an online compliance risk assessment that guides your client through a series of questions about their current compliance practices. The system is thorough, giving them a comprehensive overview of where their company stands in various compliance categories, such as:

  • ACA Coverage Requirements
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Applicable Fees & Taxes
  • Notices & Disclosures
  • Documentation Requirements

When they’re finished with the assessment, the system produces a detailed report that identifies the areas of highest risk, warns them of potential risks, and indicates areas of compliance success.

Equipped with knowledge of their current compliance status, your clients will be prepared to more efficiently use Compliancedashboard® to stay on top of their legal obligations

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Risk IQ is exclusively available to Compliancedashboard partners. Email our business development team or call 877-328-7880, ext. 125 to learn more.

Are you an employer? Just let your adviser know about Risk IQ, and we’ll take care of the rest.