Compliance Classroom Webinar Series

Compliance Classroom: Compliance Basics That are Too Cool for School

Want to earn an A+ in compliance? Well, hold onto your 3 ring binder because class is in session!

Sharpen your #2 pencil and join us the last Tuesday of each month as Professor Olivia presents essential compliance lessons that will help keep employers out of detention. (Open to advisers and employers.)

On the Syllabus:

2, 4, 6, 8! Is it Federal? Is it State?:
A Look at Which Laws Apply and When

Tuesday, April 30 @ 1pm EST

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Webinar Resources

We’ve compiled all of the best stuff from our Compliance Classroom webinars for you here! Whether you want to relive the magic or you’re checking us out for the first time, we think you’ll find it pretty helpful.

February 26, 2019
In Summary: What Fiduciaries Need to Know About SPDs
Classroom Notes
SPD Requirements
Webinar Q&A

March 26, 2019
The ABC’s of FMLA: Spelling Out the Basics of the Family & Medical Leave Act
Classroom Notes
Webinar Q&A