Take the Worry Out of Compliance

ComplianceDashboard helps employers understand their compliance obligations by giving them the information they need, when they need it.  

How it Works

Upon login, your compliance obligations are displayed in a timeline. Here you can view and complete all compliance tasks for the year.

When it’s time to complete a compliance task, the system will send you an email notification. The task will then guide you through a series of simple steps to satisfy the legal requirement.

After marking the task completed, the information is stored on your Dashboard and accessible throughout your plan year.


Email Notificationsnotification-interval

You’ll receive automatic email notifications about the compliance tasks you need to complete—with plenty of time to complete them!  You’ll receive reminders if the task goes “Past Due!”

process-documentationProcess Documentation

An employer’s internal processes determine the scope of a compliance audit. With the Dashboard, all of your efforts are thoroughly and accurately documented. You can access your compliance history on demand!

Document Manager

Compliance requires documentation and organization, and now it’s easier than ever. Upload your company’s personalized documents to the Document Manager on a task page for convenient reference and retrieval.



Team Managementactivity-permissions

Assign compliance tasks to your human resources team to complete, then monitor their activity—all from your Dashboard.




ComplianceDashboard® is a completely web-based tool. That means no software to download! We do recommend using the latest supported version of your browser.


Through specific user views, you have access to activity reports of your compliance history.


401(k) Module

ComplianceDashboard® informs, educates, and substantiates the activities required of plan fiduciaries and the administration team through the year. View our flyer to see how.

Health and Wellness Module

ComplianceDashboard® provides information, tools and resources on complying with the various federal laws that govern health & welfare benefits.

Please Note:

ComplianceDashboard® is not intended to provide guidance to benefit plans sponsored by the federal government. Also, the laws presented in ComplianceDashboard® may not apply to all health and welfare plans. Some laws may impose different obligations on different plans. ComplianceDashboard® provides general guidance to help employers determine the appropriate requirements under each law; however, an employer is responsible for determining its own obligations based on its own unique circumstances.