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Get exclusive adviser access.

ComplianceDashboard® is designed give you a seamless, efficient behind-the-scenes experience. Using the exclusive features in your Adviser Portal, you can manage your clients, track their compliance efforts, run reports, access marketing materials, and more.

Customize your client’s experience.

Load new clients and customize their Dashboard in 4 easy steps using the Demographics Questionnaire. The information entered here automatically creates your client’s customized Dashboard.
Demographics Questionnaire

Manage CompaniesChoose your level of involvement.

With this feature, you have behind-the-scenes access to every area of your client’s Dashboard so you can track their progress and make changes as needed. Plus, with the Document Manager, you have the option of adding your own customized documents, streamlining communication between you and your client.

Document Manager


Get accurate data with the click of a button.

Generate on-demand reports for a quick and accurate overview of your clients’ Dashboard activity. Running activity reports on a regular basis provides great material for you to review with your client during scheduled touchpoints throughout their plan year.
Run Reports
Report Fields

Marketing MaterialsSimplify your sales process.

All of your customized branded marketing materials are stored here to share with clients as needed, as well as a full library of additional flyers, videos, and other resources, too!

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When you partner with us, you’ll have access to ComplianceDashboard® at a special rate just for advisers. Want more details about our exclusive adviser pricing? Email our business development team to learn more!