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Less Risk. More Reward.

Take Inventory.

Do you know where your clients stand when it comes to the federal compliance regulations associated with their health plans? Before you begin to dedicate time and resources to assisting them with compliance, it’s important to determine the issues that may put them at risk for a lawsuit or audit. Compliancebenchmark turns that task into a seamless, efficient part of the whole compliance process.

Understand Their Liability.

Compliancebenchmark is an online risk assessment tool that guides your clients through a series of questions that, when completed, will give them the most accurate feedback on their current areas of risk in 6 main content areas:

The Compliancebenchmark process is divided into 3 main steps:

  1. Assessment: The client answers questions about their current compliance practices.
  2. Results: Receive a full report to review with your clients about their areas of risk.
  3. Planning: Determine the steps your client should take to reduce compliance risk.

Determine Next Steps.

Your client’s Compliancebenchmark report is the perfect introduction to Compliancedashboard. Together with the dashbaord, Compliancebenchmark helps you win new business, retain current business, and help your clients understand their need for a complete compliance system that can reduce their risk of costly compliance failures.

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