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As employer health plan sponsors, your clients are responsible for complying with dozens of HIPAA Privacy and Security standards. The rise in random HIPAA audits puts unprepared employers at an increased risk for fines, penalties, and lawsuits. Now is the perfect time to make sure your clients are equipped with the documentation they need.

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How it works

Compliancedashboard® HIPAA Pro is an affordable online system that guides an employer through the process of HIPAA compliance step-by-step. They will be able to complete all of the items on their HIPAA audit checklist!

Using an employer’s specific demographic information Compliancedashboard® HIPAA Pro assists in the creation and implementation of HIPAA policies and procedures without the hassle and cost of hiring a legal consultant, including:

  • Privacy Policies & Procedures
  • Security Policies and Procedures
  • Sample Notices
  • Employee Training


The best part is once your client has established the required HIPAA policies and procedures, they’ll be ready to use them to complete activities on their compliance calendar and implement them accordingly.

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