101189045 croppedCompliancedashboard is a product of Compliancedashboard, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capstone Benefits Group.

Who we are: The employees of Compliancedashboard have many years of experience developing solutions for the insurance and healthcare market. They have worked for benefit plan administrators and have a deep understanding of the challenges involved in administering benefit plans in today’s environment.

Today, Compliancedashboard is the most widely used compliance tool on the market.

Our mission is to provide the leadership, vision, experience, technology and support necessary to sustain long-term growth and client satisfaction at all levels.  We passionately promote integrity, quality and excellent service and continue to help reduce compliance risks for our clients.
Our vision is to be a leading compliance partner by focusing on customers, employees, innovation, and efficiency. We have the know-how, the commitment and the inspiration to help you achieve your compliance obligations and goals./td>
Our principles–character, competence and commitment–are guided by faith. We believe it is important that the people and the organizations that we work with understand our spiritual and ethical foundation because our personal faith shapes our professional conduct. The quality of our organization is a direct reflection of our people. We believe in our people and value their experience. We invest in their professional development and support their personal growth. In every aspect of the relationship, our clients receive our best effort.

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