H&W: DOL Releases New FMLA Poster

As part of The Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”), all covered employers are required to display and keep displayed a poster prepared by the Department of Labor (“DOL”) summarizing the major provisions of FMLA and telling employees how to file a complaint. The poster must be displayed in a conspicuous place where employees and applicants for employment can see it. A poster must be displayed at all locations even if there are no eligible employees.  Last week, the DOL released an updated version of the FMLA Poster.  The revised poster does not contain any new information per se, but instead presents the information in a manner that the DOL hopes will be more easily understood.  NOTE:  employers are not required to use this new poster. Per the DOL website, “The February 2013 version of the FMLA poster is still good and can be used to fulfill the posting requirement.”

Also available from the DOL is an employer guide designed to provide essential information about the FMLA, including information about employers’ obligations under the law and the options available to employers in administering leave under the FMLA.

Compliancedashboard provides additional information regarding an employer’s obligation to provide and maintain health benefits for a person who is on FMLA leave.

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