H&W: 2013 Publication 969: HSA, FSA, HRA and MSA

2013 PUBLICATION 969: HSA, FSA, HRA AND MSA2013 Publication 969: HSA, FSA, HRA and MSA: The IRS has released the 2013 Publication 969, Health Savings Accounts and Other Tax-Favored Health Plans. This publication provides the general rules for:

  • Health savings accounts (HSAs)
  • Health flexible spending arrangements (FSAs)
  • Health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs)
  • Medical savings accounts (Archer MSAs and Medicare Advantage MSAs)

Here are several changes for 2013:

Federal tax benefits for same-sex married couples. For federal tax purposes, individuals of the same sex are considered married if they were lawfully married in a state (or foreign country) whose laws authorize the marriage of two individuals of the same sex, even if the state (or foreign country) in which they now live does not recognize same-sex marriage. For more information, see Publication 501.

Health flexible spending arrangements (FSAs). The following rules apply to health FSAs for plan years beginning after December 31, 2012.

  • Salary reduction contributions to a health FSA cannot be more than $2,500 a year (indexed for inflation).
  • Cafeteria plans (if amended) may allow participants to carry over up to $500 of unused amounts remaining at the end of the plan year in a health FSA to be paid or reimbursed for qualified medical expenses incurred during the following plan year.

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