H&W: Certificates of Creditable Coverage ….. bye bye!

It isn’t new news that pre-existing condition limitations are no longer permitted in U.S. health plans. The battle cries of reform advocates and nearly every political debate prior to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act almost without exception included references to pre-existing conditions and the dilemma they placed on many Americans.  The cries were heard and politicians agreed, it’s time for a change and pre-existing conditions were no longer allowed in health plans after the start of the 2014 plan year.  Along with this change, Certificates of Creditable Coverage will no longer need to be generated after December 31, 2014!  All group plans are affected by this change [grandfathered, fully-insured and self-insured] regardless of employer size.

As complex as many of the reform changes have been, this one resulted in less paperwork.  Not something you hear frequently when it comes to the ACA.

 For more information on what consumers can expect, click here.

To review the legislation and delve into the details, you can access the regulations here.


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