H&W: New IRS Q&A’s on PCORI Fee


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The questions they answer are shown below:

Q1. What is the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund fee?

Q2. When does the PCORI fee go into effect?

Q3. How much is the PCORI fee?

Q4. How does an issuer of a specified health insurance policy or plan sponsor of an applicable self-insured health plan determine the average number of lives covered under the policy or plan in order to calculate the PCORI fee for the year?

Q5. Which individuals are taken into account for determining the lives covered under a specified health insurance policy or applicable self-insured health plan?

Q6. If an employer provides COBRA coverage or otherwise provides coverage to its retirees or other former employees, do covered individuals (and their beneficiaries) count as ‘lives covered’ for purpose of calculating the PCORI fee?

Q7. Who is responsible for reporting and paying the PCORI fee?

Q8. What form will be used to report and pay the PCORI fee?

Q9. What exceptions to the PCORI fee apply?

Q10. Are health insurance policies or self-insured health plans for tax-exempt organizations or governmental entities subject to the PCORI fee?

Q11. When does the PCORI fee expire?

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