August 8, 2018

401(k) Chances for Pre-Election Tax Reform / 401(K) Changes Looking Dimmer

We have been reporting during the past couple of weeks about possible changes to 401(k) retirement plans as part of sweeping tax reform legislation that might make it into law prior to this year’s mid-term elections.  See our blogs entitled  Winds of Change Are Blowin’ Around Washington: What’s Happening With 401(k) Plans? and More Proposed 401(k)… Continue Reading

August 6, 2018

Level-Funding: A Viable Alternative to Small Group Insurance?

There has been a recent uptick in interest in so-called “level funding” as an attractive alternative for employers, particularly small employers, who wish to self-insure their employee health benefits.  While the idea of level funding itself is not new, the current interest is being driven by the desire to avoid some of the requirements of… Continue Reading

August 3, 2018

401(k): Unintended Impact of Tax Reform on 401(K) Hardship Withdrawals

Tax reform may have had unintended effect on hardship withdrawals under 401(K) plans Last year’s tax reform act, officially called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (“TCJA”), may have had an unintended adverse effect on hardship withdrawals under 401(k) retirement plans, asserts the American Institute of CPAs (“AICPA”).  As a result, the professional… Continue Reading

July 25, 2018

401(k) More Proposed 401(k) Plan Changes in the Works — Keep Your Antennas On!

Last week, we reported that Congress seems to be on track to pass sweeping legislation that would make major changes to 401(k) retirement plans.  In related news, both the House and Senate have introduced twin bills, each christened the “Retirement Enhancement and Safety Act” (“RESA”), each of which is focused on 401(k) plans.  These proposals… Continue Reading

July 20, 2018

401(k): Winds of Change are Blowin’ Around Washington!

What’s Happening with 401(K) Plans? Word out of Washington is that Congress may be posed to pass legislation that would make the most sweeping changes to retirement plans, including 401(k) plans, in over a decade.  There is a push in the House for tax reform to become law later this summer or early fall, coupled… Continue Reading

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