H&W: Health Plan ID (HPID) Reminders

Employers with self-insured plans will need to obtain a Health Plan (HPID). Large health plans must obtain the HPID by November 5, 2014. Small health plans have until November 5, 2015.

As explained in the HIPAA EDI Rules (HPID) compliance activity (for self-insured plans) on Compliancedashboard, an HPID is a unique identifier that will be used when conducting EDI transactions. Employers with multiple self-insured health plans will need to identify which of its plans are controlling health plans (CHPs) and which, if any, are sub-health plans (SHPs).

A controlling health plan must also certify compliance with EDI standards, although the details of the certification process have not been finalized as of this writing.

Employers should determine whether their TPA or other plan administrator will obtain the required HPIDs, and if so, ensure they have them by the required deadlines.

Employers with self-insured plan will receive an email reminder from Compliancedashboard with a link to this activity, which has additional information.

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