H&W: Key Tax Provisions in the Affordable Care Act

Key Tax Provisions in the Affordable Care ActKey Tax Provisions in the Affordable Care Act:  The IRS has posted a list of tax provisions under the Affordable Care Act that are now in effect. This list provides a brief explanation of the provision along with useful links to IRS documents, news releases, and questions and answers.

Some of the provisions listed on the site include:

  • Small Business Health Care Tax Credit;
  • Reporting of Health Coverage for Employees;
  • Changes to Flexible Spending Arrangements;
  • Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit;
  • Health Coverage for Older Children;
  • Group Health Plan Requirements;
  • Medical Loss Ratio (MLR); and
  • Limitation on Deduction for Compensation Paid by Certain Health Insurance Providers.

The site also mentions that additional information will be added as soon as it becomes available.

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