H&W: Shared Responsibility for Employers

Shared Responsibility for Employers requires large employers to offer full-time employees essential, affordable coverage of minimum value or be penalized.The Shared Responsibility for Employers provision of the ACA (Play or Pay Mandate) requires large employers to offer their full-time employees essential, affordable coverage that provides minimum value. Applicable employers that do not meet this standard can be subject to a penalty.

Compliancedashboard recently added a new compliance activity and reference material that describes what employers need to know about these provisions. Although the shared responsibility obligation does not go into effect until 2014, many of the calculations must or may be based on 2013 employment records.

The rule only applies to employers with 50 or more “full-time equivalents.” Because this count also includes hours worked by part-time employees, this compliance activity has been added to all employers’ dashboards.

Compliancedashboard will also send periodic reminders prompting employers to perform the on-going analysis required to comply with this rule.

Click here to access the compliance activity. A Compliancedashboard login will be required to access this information.

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